Japan; Tokyo Pt 2

The Tsukiji Fish Markets were a bit of a let down for me to be honest. I’m not entirely sure what I was expecting, but all I got were sweaty bodies, long queues and masses of tourists. I was well aware that it is a huge tourist attraction… but… there you go. We weren’t interested in the auctions, and wanted to hit the market only early enough to beat the queues to get some decent sushi and sashimi. It was a little bit of a journey from our AirBnB, and by the time we actually got there, it was about 10:30am, and there were queues galore!

However! I did have some amazing sushi at Sushi Zanmai – it was not their big store (Sushi Zanmai Honten), but a smaller one that we randomly picked while walking through the alleyways.

My cousin and shared a sushi omakase for NZD$35, and it definitely did not disappoint in terms of how fresh the sashimi was. Mmmmm. Om nom nom!


Many of the stalls were selling uni, or sea urchin and I managed to snag this one for NZD$5! I’m pretty sure I spent most of my money on food this trip (who am I trying to kid – most trips I spend my money on food…..).

Stall after stall selling fresh seafood, I was hoping to spy more giant crabs but I don’t think it was the season…

We then trained back in towards Sensō-ji, where the heat basically stole our breath and made us produce copious amounts of perspiration. How’s that for imagery….. The temple itself was quite impressive!

img_20160611_121617img_20160611_124019 img_20160611_131902

We then ended our day in Akihabara aka Akihabara Electric town, being a major electronic shopping area. There were so many people around (as per the norm in Asian cities..) and it was hot and we were tired, so we didn’t do too much walking around. It reminded me of the Vegas Strip – not with hotels but with loads of shops. We had dinner at one of the chain restaurants called CoCo Ichiban, whose specialty is Japanese curry and we licked our plates clean!


Still yet to come: Tokyo pt 3[Meiji-jingu, Harajuku, Omotesando], Hakone; Kyoto; Osaka; Seoul! Yaaaaaaa!

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