Japan; Osaka

Getting to the end of my Japan trip photos and it’s definitely making me nostalgic. Next to tick off my bucket list in terms of Japan is sakura season….. But I digress! So, what’s up Osaka! We stayed in a really teeny tiny AirBnB in Osaka, and it was a little way off the beaten path, but that meant we got to walk around the local neighbourhood, which was definitely not as touristy. Osaka had less of an old-world feel, not like Kyoto, but less ‘city-like’ than Tokyo for sure. I’ve not entirely made up my mind about Osaka.. I guess I’ll just have to go back 😉

Hōzen-ji Temple

wp-1481963652297.jpgThe famous “Glico” Running Man! The viewing bridge was packed with people taking photos of him! (Obviously I was one of them haha!) There was a Pablo Cheese Tart store and duh, being me, was super excited (even after stuffing our faces at dinner – see below) I bought a Pablo cheese tart…. which some guy on the street walked right into, and this was the aftermath….

It still tasted delicious. That’s all that matters. wp-1481963651286.jpgThis was our first dinner in Osaka. We were walking through the Shinsaibashi and Dotonbori shopping area when we came across this donburi place called Wakasaya – we basically ordered from pictures, and the seafood was cheap but fresh! I ordered one with uni as usual, and while sometimes it can be hit and miss – I was pretty satisfied.

This was dinner the second night we were in Osaka. And oh. my. god. I cannot rave enough about this meal!!!! We went to Red Rock, and it was one of those ‘order from a vending machine’ kind of restaurants. I hadn’t heard about this restaurant prior, but my sister said that it was pretty famous and there is usually a pretty long line – people have waited for 3 hours to get a seat! When we got there, we basically had a 5 minute wait for a table after we ordered – how lucky was that! We all ordered the Roast Beef Bowl in medium (there is a large option, yes.. many regrets). The beef was sublime, and it was topped with a raw egg yolk and yoghurt sauce. It’s also super affordable and easy on my student pocket. wp-1481963652998.jpg
Couldn’t pass up another chance to get Kasuteira ice-cream @ Ikki Kasuteira

The okonomiyaki I basically missed out on as I left my cellphone on a shelf at a department store… wp-1481963653043.jpg


Eats: Wakasaya, Red Rock, Ikki Kasuteira, Pablo, Yukari Okonomiyaki

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